The Arka Tech

You can transfer, but you must sit

A rule in NCAA sports at any level and any sport is one that says if a player is to transfer to another school, they must lose a year of eligibility and must sit a year. This has been around for a while.

The goal of this rule is to keep players from changing schools for reasons that would be considered less important, such as they want a different coach or more playing time or an environment change.

This is a terrible rule to have in place. The reason they have not changed this rule is because they are worried that that rate of transfers will increase by the hundreds because of the previously stated reasons.

“If we allowed players to transfer and play right away, you’d have a mass exodus every year because I have three or four guys, if they knew they could play right away, they’d probably think, `Might be a little better over there,’ “ said Jim Boeheim, Syracuse head basketball coach. “You’d have a mass chaotic situation if you had that kind of freedom… Kids are going to get upset at a lack of playing time and start moving around willy-nilly.”

I don’t really see the big problem in this. If a student who is not even contracted with the school to play and the coach or school can take away their scholarship at any moment, why should they not be allowed to leave and play where they can find something better? Coaches do this all the time, and they do have contracts. If a better position comes about, coaches can just get up and walk out on the team whenever they want to. Some argue that they can do this because that is their job and it is business, but the players are in the same business and deserve to have the freedom to leave and play where they choose.

This business is, for many of the college athletes in today’s age, a way to try and get them a better life. If they are not allowed to transfer without sitting, they lose a year of experience and play time, which not only hurts teams in the NCAA but the player and the system itself where good players are sitting just because they wanted a better situation for themselves.