Yik Yak: The new herd at Tech

My first semester of college, I went to the University of Arkansas. Within the first few weeks of classes, I realized that everybody who was anybody followed the Arkansas Confessions Twitter account. This was a virtually anonymous place to voice your opinions, confess crushes,or even say how much you hated someone. It was monitored by one mystery student who would read through the direct messages and post the confessions. With this account came a lot of sel fconsciousness and negativity.

I found that I went to class in hopes of someone posting about “a cute blond with big glasses walking out of the music building.” I also started to internally judge others more harshly due to the tweets I would read about others. Without realizing it, this account took over the wayI perceived the world.

Have you heard of Yik Yak? If not, you must not have a smartphone. It seems as though everyone on Tech campus is using this app. It’s much like Arkansas Confessions, but it’s completely anonymous. You don’t even have to sign up. Users are free to post their honest opinions, which are regularly very harsh. Students use this app during class, posting about professors and how much they hate the course. But more often than not, it’s a place to hook up with strangers. If you ask me, that just sounds like trouble.

I took it upon myself to “yak”, asking users’ opinions about Yik Yak. Besides a lovely profane comment, an anonymous user wrote that all of us crave the drama the app creates.

Yik Yak is a guilty pleasure for students here at Tech campus. But is this new fad a negative or positive addition to our media-crazed world? I’ll let you decide.

Claudia Young
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