Witherspoon Hall to be replaced

The Arkansas Tech Board of Trustees voted Thursday to construct a new facility to replace Witherspoon Hall, according to a University Relations write-up of the meeting.

The decision was made following the recommendation of David Moseley, senior vice president for administration and finance, after reviewing documents from MAHG Architecture Inc., the write-up states.

The official minutes from the meeting will not be available until after the next Board of Trustees meeting, which is scheduled for May 19.

MAHG Architecture was selected in December to design renovations to Witherspoon Hall, Board of Trustee records show.

Sam Strasner, director of university relations, said analysis by MAHG Architecture showed Witherspoon Hall was not a good fit for renovations and that it had between seven and ten years of usability left.

Designing the new building and determining how to finance it will be a “fairly lengthy process,” but demolition of Witherspoon Hall can be expected within the decade, Strasner said.

Witherspoon Hall was opened in 1972 and is named for Gene Witherspoon, a former professor of music and band director. It currently houses the History & Political Science Department, Music Department, Behavioral Science Department and some faculty from the English & World Languages department.


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  1. Other than the ease of getting into the building when it was locked and having the lobby for a practice room over Christmas break, I found, and find, little about Witherspoon Hall to recommend it other than its namesake.

    I hope the next iteration is built without the fiscal half-assery and unproductive compromise that made the building abysmal from the start. Poor programming, thoughtless design, cheap construction, bad equipment and inappropriate finish materials have plagued that building and its occupants for over forty years.

    Side note: I remember seeing a campus master plan showing Witherspoon Hall extended to the south, about doubling its size. The horror!

    David Franks
    B.A. Mus. Ed., 1979

  2. I’m sad to see it go, but honestly, it’s about time. This needed to happen a long time ago.

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