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Why is country music so underrated?

I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard, “Country music is so depressing.” The only person who would say something so naïve is a person who has never truly took the time to listen.

There are so many reasons why country music can be enjoyed by everyone. It is friendly, relatable and easy to dance to. Many new artists are modernizing this genre by using faster pace but also keeping the traditional sounds like the steel guitar and harmonica.

Making country more modern attracts a broad audience while keeping the sincere meaning of country music alive. If you are feeling happy, sad, excited or in love, there is bound to be a country song that will match your mood.

Along with being relatable, this genre has a friendly sound that is easy on the ears. Most artists have a voice that tells their story in a way that is approachable and easy to listen to. Country also has a reputation of being patriotic. These singers are proud and spirited about their country, which is another reason why country takes the spot of being the most passionate.

Most songs express the artists’ feelings about their loved one, their country, where they live or just a simple good time. All messages conveyed in this music are positive and good for the mind. Listening to music that has good tone and genuine lyrics is much less corrupt than other genres can be.

One of the most fun things about country music is the dancing. Nothing is better than slipping on a nice pair of leather cowboy boots and going to a barn dance or a honky tonk with some friends or your significant other. You can line dance or you can dance with a partner. This style of dance is clean and fun, not to mention it has been around for so many years.

In conclusion, the reasons are endless when it comes to why you should put a little more country in your playlist. Next time you are searching the radio, stop and listen when you hear the sound of a steel guitar. You just might be surprised.