Why anyone should care about voting

Voting doesn’t really matter. It’s just the fate of your country. It just affects your future and your children’s future. It simply paves the way for future generations. Who cares about that?

I do. And so should you.

Voting isn’t ever something anyone should take lightly. When you go to vote, you are representing your niche of people. If you are a woman, you’re representing women. If you are a single parent, you’re representing single parents. If you are Republican, Democrat, a school teacher, a student, a person: you represent them.

The really neat thing is that when people who share your same interests vote, people notice. When people notice your demographic, it gets catered to. You can get things on the ballot that you actually see and that you actually care about. Voting changes things.

Local voting can change even more things. Mayors and judges can be voted out, which can change local laws or help shift funding to things that you want funded.

You can also vote on issues for your state. Lately, medical marijuana have been hot topics lately. Those issues remain on the ballot. You can vote for those and you can change things in your state.
Now the biggie: the presidential election.

You hate Donald Trump? Vote against him. Think Hillary Clinton is a liar? Vote against her. No matter which way you lean: vote! You don’t have to love everything about every candidate; most people don’t love everything about every candidate.

Look up the issues. Figure out who stands for what and where you stand. Find out who you agree with most and vote for that person.

The person who wins will help direct the future of our country. Your country. You have to live here. You have to make sure you can live with the state of your country. You have to make sure that you can sleep at night knowing what kind of country you’re leaving to the next generation.

If you want things to change: vote. If you are against a party or an issue: vote. If you aren’t registered to vote, then get registered. You won’t be able to vote in this presidential election, but you will be able to vote next time. If you are registered to vote in your home county, get an absentee ballot and vote. The important thing is that you vote.
I don’t care who you vote for. That’s not what this is about. I just want you to vote. We live in a country where we can help change things by simply filling out some paperwork, doing some research and filling out a ballot. There are many places and many people who do not get that luxury.

Don’t waste your voice. It was given to you for a reason. Vote.

Amber Appleby
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