#WhatIsHazing: National hazing prevention week


With Arkansas Tech finishing up another year of recruitment, the negative stigmas and stereotypes associated with Greek Life seem more prevalent. One of these is the act of hazing.

Hazing is defined by Merriam-Webster as “an initiation process involving harassment”. Hazing is a form of harassment, and can even become violent and dangerous. It could be some form of assault or forcing others to do servant-like work.

While hazing does not only apply to Greek Life at Tech, Tech does have a zero-tolerance policy for hazing. This is why the Order of Omega’s, a leadership and honorary team for those in Greek Life, mission is to recognize and make others aware of hazing.

For National Hazing Prevention Week, Order of Omega strives to make others realize the dangers of hazing. National Hazing Prevention Week is a week set in September, a month where recruitment for Greek Life has either passed by or is taking place. The goal is to first raise awareness, and to ultimately prevent hazing altogether.

Order of Omega is doing its part to prevent hazing by setting up informational booths. The organization not only gave college students an opportunity to learn about hazing, it also gave students an opportunity to take part in the issue.

An event called “These Hands Don’t Haze” took place during National Hazing Prevention Week. This event was used to signify the college students on campus who pledge to do their part in preventing hazing. This pledge is done by placing hands in paint, and then re-placing painted hands on a banner that reads the pledge: “These Hands Don’t Haze.” The act symbolizes a creative way to pledge against hazing, while also pledging to report or stop hazing if seen around campus.

Students can stop hazing from happening around campus either by reporting it to an Arkansas Tech official, calling 911 or using the National Anti-Hazing Hotline, 1-888-668-4293. Students can also find out more information on statistics of hazing and how to stop it by visiting Arkansas Tech’s website, https://www.atu.edu/nohazing/#WhatIsHazing.

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