What your clothes say about you

Imagine you are standing on the corner of a block in a city you have never been to. You have no map or smart phone, so you have to ask directions from a stranger so that you can find the nearest McDonalds.

There are two men that are on the same sidewalk as you. One is dressed sharply — wearing ironed slacks, a structured blazer and a tie — and he’s tightly clutching his briefcase. The other is the opposite — wearing gray sweatpants, a stained white T-shirt and a jacket with the hood covering his face.

Which one are you most likely to choose? The harsh reality is that we humans tend to go with the option that’s more pleasing to the eye.

This being said, what do your clothes say about you? Your clothing choices are a reflection of yourself. A sloppy or lazy outfit will give a negative or even unapproachable image.

As college students we are guilty of coming to class in our pajamas or in a poorly organized outfit.

If we don’t teach ourselves how to dress properly now, it will be much more difficult to learn when we actually have a specific dress code to follow. We should dress for the jobs we want, not the jobs that we have as students.

Even though it feels great to walk around in yoga pants and a North Face, it is much more rewarding and admirable to dress up in a great outfit that will really boost your confidence and give you a positive image.