Weapon incident handled calmly, swiftly

One of Arkansas Tech’s own, Kevin Ballard, brought a gun on campus in class on Tuesday, February 13. Ballard’s gun was unlicensed and he did not have a concealed weapons permit.

Ballard reportedly had the gun sticking out of his front pocket, with claims of him “messing with the gun,” according to Russelville dispatch. Ten minutes into an Introduction to Film class, Ballard was removed from the classroom by Public Safety in order to be further questioned.

“I saw the guy get pulled out of class by P-Safe, and a few minutes later, someone came in, picked up his bags, and that was it,” said Jacob Loomis, a political science major. “I heard that he had a gun in his pocket and they didn’t tell us, at all. I had to find out from other people.”

This, apparently, was the consensus of most of the students in the classroom. There is not much information given regarding the incident, as it reportedly happened so fast.

Ballard has been ordered to stay away from the Arkansas Tech campus. It is likely that Ballard will be arrested if he does come back on campus. Ballard’s bail is set at $5,000. Consequently, he will have to attend Pope County Circuit Court.

To be eligible to carry on campus, a person must have a concealed carry license or permit. The person must take firearm training of eight hours and have prior training of up to four hours in the past 10 years. Even then, the firearm must be a handgun and concealed.

A handgun is “any firearm, other than a fully automatic firearm, with a barrel length of less than twelve inches that is designed, made, or adapted to be fired with one hand,” according to the Ark. Code Ann. § 5-73-309.

These cannot be taken into athletic events. A permit holder can have a handgun in a vehicle as long as the vehicle is locked. A handgun cannot be in a dorm, a bag or left unattended.

Concealed carry permits can be administered by the Arkansas State Police.

More information to obtain a concealed carry license can be found at https://www.ark.org/asplicense

The latest gun laws from Arkansas Tech can be found at https://issuu.com/arkansastechuniversity/docs/student_handbook__2017_/46.

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