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Walkway to Vista Place may become set in stone

Russellville Alderman Mark Tripp said the city of Russellville is interested in partnering with Arkansas Tech University in building a sidewalk along State Highway 124 and East O Street from Feltner’s Whatta-Burger to Vista Place Apartments.

This is not the first time the idea of some sort of walkway has been presented to the Russellville City Council.

The previous director of public works, Michael Oakes, brought a plan before the Russellville City Council that involved putting an asphalt path along the busy roadway.

However, residents in the area objected, claiming they felt as if the project would encroach on their yards.

LAURA BEAN/THE ARKA TECH Students traveling from Vista Place Apartments to the Tech Campus walk or ride their bikes along State Highway 124.

“The issue has been to what extent of a project we want to undertake,” Tripp said.

“If we do anything right now, we have to abide by Arkansas state roadway specs and policy.”

This would affect the regulations, time and cost of the project.

However, if the project were to become a reality, the city would be responsible for the construction and maintenance of the walkway.

“After the project, the street will be a city street and the city will take over maintenance,” Tripp said.

Tripp said design is a big part of why the project has not already been started. Poor designs have caused upset residents and council disagreements.

Tripp said the current director of public works, Kurt Jones, plans to present the council with thoughts and ideas on how to proceed with building a walkway along State Highway 124.

Residents should hear the beginnings of a plan by the end of the year.