Veterans honored from all American wars

Colonel Nate Todd, director of the Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs, will be speaking at an All Veterans Appreciation Event.

The event will take place at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 9 in the Ross Pendergraft Library Room 300B.

The library was chosen to partner with the Library of America to present World War I and America: A Centennial Exploration. Panels of information have been on display in the library since September. The All Veterans Appreciation event is the final event of the exhibits and a way to honor veterans from all the different wars.

Colonel Nate Todd will give a keynote address honoring veterans and their service to their country. There will also be a presentation of the flags.

Luke Heffley, the library special projects coordinator, said he is “excited to have a time for the veterans to be recognized from not just the library but by the entire university.” Heffley also said this is a great “way to see veterans from all different ages and to show your support so close to Veterans Day.”

The library staff invites students, faculty and community members out to enjoy a tribute to the veterans they know and the many they will never meet.

Sherry Tinerella, the public services librarian, said that students should attend “ in case they aren’t from a military family. I think it’ll be good for them to watch veterans be appreciated and see that it means a lot to them and to learn more about them.”

Tinerella said that during the event there will be a quilt of valor presentation. This is a national organization that gathers to create ornate quilts and present them to veterans. Several quilts will be presented during the event.

Numerous groups will have tables at the event including Arkansas Veterans Benefits Administration, Pope County Veteran Services, ATU SMVA student group and the ATU Veterans Upward Bound program.

Cards will be available to sign at the circulation desk in the library and the upcoming football game. This is an opportunity for students to say thank you to veterans and soldiers who are currently serving.

Elmer Sanchez, a computer engineering major from Russellville, is a student who also serves in the Marines. Sanchez said, “Knowing that the university supports the troops is something I appreciate very much, and that it isn’t something that is overlooked.”

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