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Updates are in the plans for Tech Fit

CLAUDIA HALL/THE ARKA TECH: Patrick Cunningham, sophomore wellness science major from Sherwood, spots Jordan Bollier, senior marketing and management major from Guy, while lifting at Tech Fit.

Dr. J.J. Mayo’s Wellness Science Practicum class recently completed the first round of its personal training program.

While the class has had an overwhelming response of students and staff wishing to partake in the process, its main tool, Tech Fit, is not always available to accommodate the needs of students.
Francie Harper, senior wellness science major from Russellville, said the main problem with the program is “getting our schedule to coincide with Tech Fit and the student’s schedule.”

The Arkansas Tech Board of Trustees are going to make the talk of expansion a reality. Expansion includes extending Tech Fit’s hours of operation, the addition of more fitness equipment and the possibility of expanding the facility itself.

“We did expect, in 2012, to extend the hours to midnight,” said Troy Norton, visiting instructor of health and physical education and director of Tech Fit.

“However, we weren’t getting the numbers of people to show up, so we went back to closing at 9:45 at night.”

The facility’s new schedule was made to accommodate the need of the growing Tech population and the scheduled fitness classes that use the gym as a classroom.

Dr. Randy Kirkpatrick, assistant professor of health and physical education, for example, makes use of Tech Fit quite often.

“We couldn’t take him out,” Norton said.

The updated schedule can be found on Tech Fit’s website.

The schedule isn’t the only update Tech Fit is receiving.

“We’re getting new circuit equipment and new weights, and we’re working on cardio equipment,” said Norton.

The budget for equipment, which is updated and given to the gym every semester, provided $36,921.75 for new equipment for the spring 2015 semester.

“School starts in January, and we’ll put the equipment in over [Christmas] break,” said Norton.

The new equipment includes four treadmills, three recumbent cycles, two climbmills and one rotary hip machine.

Tech’s student population, which surpassed 12,000 students in August, demands the growth of academic programs, residence halls and now Tech Fit. The facility has been a concern to students simply because its too small.

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