Two by Two

For the past few weeks, I have written about mostly scare-filled or mystery novels, and this week, I wanted a break. I wanted to read a book that was almost guaranteed to have a happy ending. And I hadn’t read Nicholas Sparks’s latest novel, “Two by Two,” and I do enjoy Nicholas Sparks, so…

“Two by Two” is told from the point of view of thirty-two-year-old Russell Green. Russell has a gorgeous wife, an adorable little girl and a wonderfully successful career as an advertising executive, but could things be too perfect? It isn’t long before Russell quits his job at the advertising agency and starts his own ad business, which his wife, Vivian, who loves shopping, isn’t exactly thrilled about.

As Russell struggles to get his business started, Vivian decides to go to work. And that’s when things start to fall apart.

“Two by Two” has many of the typical elements of a Nicholas Sparks novel: sickness and/or death, love, heartbreak, familial ties and old love. But it does have a different sort of twist. The only Nicholas Sparks novel I can remember being almost completely about the bond between a father and daughter is “The Last Song,” but even that doesn’t compare to this story.

London, Russell’s daughter, is only six-years-old. The majority of “Two by Two” is spent exploring the relationship between Russell and London, and how the relationship between a father and daughter can grow, change and evolve. Sparks puts father-daughter relationships in the spotlight, and that’s one of the main reasons that this novel is so fantastic.

The main reason I always enjoy Nicholas Sparks’s novels is because the novels almost always make me cry. It sounds a little crazy that I enjoy crying, but there’s something relieving about crying, and this novel definitely made me cry, which was a nice relief from the destruction and anger of the other novels I’ve been reading lately.

Overall, I really enjoyed the novel. Yes, it’s typical and clichéd or whatever. But clichés work for a reason, and sometimes I just really enjoy a novel that I can read and know how it’s going to end. I’m not there for the story necessarily; I’m there for the characters, and the character development in this novel is superb. Nicholas Sparks has a way of bringing his characters to life and making them wonderfully relatable.

Amber Appleby
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