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Tutoring Center revises tactics

The Doc Bryan Tutoring Center has revised its schedule for the spring semester in an effort to be as helpful and accessible to students as possible.

In addition, the center has introduced a punch card system. When students visit the center, they receive a punch on their card. After the 12th visit and punch, the students will receive a finals week care package that includes study aids, snacks and drinks.

Levi Otts, a tutor for the center, said he and the other tutors are there to help.

“I know the struggle and can definitely relate to the students that come in,” said Otts, a sophomore mechanical engineering major from Vilonia.

“I’ve recently taken the same classes and know how to help. It really helps me stay sharp on my skills as well. One of my professors told me that if you can break something down to where others can understand it and can teach them, then you know it well.”

The center offers tutoring sessions throughout the day in a number of academic areas, with night sessions held from 5 to 9 p.m.

Academic areas served by the center include accounting and economics, anthropology and sociology, biological sciences, chemistry, computer and information science, English, history, mathematics, physical science, psychology and public speaking. Tutoring is also available for students studying for Praxis I.

“We are always glad to help,” Otts said.

“The struggle helps you learn more effectively. Knowing the fundamentals makes such a difference in later classes and in the future. Other things may change or update in your field but the fundamentals will always be there.”

Additional tutoring resources are available through the Accounting Lab, located in Rothwell 314, the English Writing Lab, located in Witherspoon 365, and the World Languages Lab, located in Dean 116.

Computers are available in the tutoring center for students who may need help with Blackboard and online classes.

“Don’t give up if you love what you are doing and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Others are struggling too. It helps to learn from those who have experienced it. Study and work hard and you’ll make it,” Otts added.

The Doc Bryan Tutoring Center is located above Doc’s Place. Additional information is available by calling (479) 880-4324 and students can also visit the center’s Facebook page at