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Tiara Thomas breaks out of shell on new EP

Tiara Thomas is a singer and songwriter from Indianapolis who has been on countless remixes and has written for various artists.

“Don’t Mention My Name” is just her second EP but her music being authentic and real is what makes this project different than “Up in Smoke.” In this project, she plays her guitar on every song, which solidifies her artistry.

On this EP, she shows how much of a savage she is but also how she can still be a little vulnerable at times.

The live instrumentations are my favorite thing about the project because of the simplicity that makes you feel at ease.

The first song starts off with guitar riffs, which make up a chunk of the production, and her soft melodic voice. This sets the tone for the rest of this smooth body of work.

It’s deep and passionate but not too emotional.

Throughout this project, she sings about not loving too hard and not caring what you or her lover thinks of her. There are five songs on the EP, and what makes this interesting is the connection between her laid back vibe and R-rated lyrics.

She sings about lust, exes, being drunk, love and death so beautifully that I almost forget she is actually giving mixed signals to whoever these songs are about.

I give “Don’t Mention My Name” a hard 9 out of 10 because of her showcasing how rebellious and talented she is all within 13 minutes of the EP.