The transformation of cartoons: from the ’90s to today

The plots and characters of cartoons have changed dramatically over the past few decades.

Many of the television shows that are made for children today do not respect their intelligence. Yes, there are some cartoons that are made for learning such as “Dora The Explorer,” however, some shows have been dumbed down to the point where the characters sound and act completely stupid and the plots have no meaning or make any sense.

In addition, several cartoons from the past that were made famous by viewers from my childhood are getting rebooted into dumbed down versions with plots that also make no sense.

I believe television networks have decided to go into this direction with cartoons because of the parents. Many parents are complaining that cartoons from the 90s were either too violent or they showcased too much adult content.

Although this may be true, I don’t think making cartoons stupid is the answer to that issue. The cartoons that I watched growing up might have been a little violent, but they did have hidden lessons that I learned by watching my favorite characters go through those lessons.

Rather than changing everything about a show’s uniquness, I think networks should take another approach and just change the ratings of the show.

I believe that by doing this, viewers like me still enjoy the cartoons that we grew up with, and it will be easier for parents to decide what is okay for their children to watch. After all, children will not be children forever.