The River Valley Bike Polo Experience

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Many parents look to sports for a way of bonding with their children. Josh Carey, an employee at Tech, uses this form of bonding, but with a sport that has a bit of a twist.

In 2010, a small group started playing bike polo in Russellville and it has been alive here ever since. Bike polo is a sport involving bikes and mallets used to hit a small ball into a goal.

“In the simplest form, it is hockey on a bike, three on three [and] you can’t put your foot down,” Carey said. “Usually score to five. We just use the basic rules around here.”

A game usually lasts 12 minutes or until a team scores 5 points. Tournament games can last 12-20 minutes.

Logan Carey, Josh’s 12-year-old son, plays in most games with the Russellville team.

“I like bike polo because it’s fun, and I get to play with my dad,” he said. “My dad has been teaching me how to play this, so I am learning more each time I play.”

The Russellville team welcomes participants of any age, male or female.

“It’s a good team sport,” Josh said. “It can be as relaxed or as aggressive as you want it to be. If we have skilled players, we play fast and aggressive. If we have newer people playing, then we play slow, relaxed games.”

The team currently has a core group of 6-8 players, and they are always recruiting. They typically practice once a week.

The team held its first in-town tournament this past Saturday. The tournament included visiting teams from Memphis and Little Rock.

“It’s [bike polo] worldwide pretty much,” Josh said. “Every year they have regional tournaments. For every region of the United States there is a conference. There is a regional conference, and the top teams go to the national event. The top teams from national go to the world tournament. We usually fair about middle in local tournaments. We usually come in about seventh or eighth place [out of] 11-15 teams.”

When talking about the main goal of River Valley Bike Polo, he said, “Just have fun. We are all just having fun. That’s all it’s about. Community and having fun.”

For more information, visit the team’s Facebook page at or email the team at rivervalleybikepolo@

“We are all just having fun. That’s what it’s all about.” -Josh Carey


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