The RA roller coaster

The role of a resident assistant (RA) is not always easy, but I have found that it is worth it.

I have heard students compare us to police officers. We do enforce the rules, but we aren’t trying to make anyone’s life miserable. I want my residents feel comfortable coming to me and telling me anything. I am here to help them solve their problems and enjoy their college experience.

I am currently in my second year as an RA and I still enjoy my job. Becoming an RA has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. In the past two years, I have met most of my friends through the RA position.

Not only can you form bonds with residents, but you also have a staff. My staff and I have gone on several staff trips and we eat lunch and dinner together almost every day. I don’t know what I would do without them.

If you are considering being an RA, I highly recommend you apply. I have learned how to be a better leader, handle conflict and learned how to work as a team.

No matter what type of job you have in the future you can take those skill with you, and you’ll have friends cheering you on through everything you do.

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Ashley is a Staff Writer for the 2015-2016 school year.