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The practices of public relations


For some, public relations, or PR, has its very own meaning. For me personally, PR means connecting with the public and spreading a message about a particular product or person.

After studying journalism, I learned PR is defined as serving as an advocate for clients and seeking to build and maintain positive relationships with the public.

There is a lot more to PR than just writing a press release and getting it published. PR is more of a process.

A good, effective publicist should use and study the acronym R.A.C.E., which stands for research, action, communication and evaluation.

I also thought journalism and PR were the same, but I quickly learned the two are very different. PR work goes beyond journalistic duties, and media relations are only a portion of the PR umbrella.

Journalists gather information to inform and write for the general public. A publicist’s job is to inform, change attitudes and behaviors and focus on the audience’s needs and concerns.

I also learned PR and advertising were not the same as well. In PR, information about an event or product is prepared and sent to the news department. Advertising requires paid space, which is contracted on when and where it will run.

Advertisements work mainly through mass media outlets, and PR works through multiple communication outlets.

They all work together through the processes of marketing communication and integrated marketing communication.

Even though my definition of PR was not wrong, there were still many meanings of PR.