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Undeclared. Major change. Not the right fit. All these words can be attached to a person’s degree plan, but Arkansas Tech University has offered a tool that can help give a current or prospective student insight into what their major could be.

The tool is called MyMajors.

MyMajors is a questionnaire that breaks down into four categories; a person’s academic achievement, aptitude, interests and personality, which determine what major would best suit them.

“MyMajors is designed to emulate a human academic adviser,” Dr. Fritz Grupe, creator of MyMajors, said in his assessment of all students’ results.

I took this questionnaire to see if I was meant to be a journalist, and though it did appear on my list, it was in the No. 5 spot. So does this mean I need to change my major? Absolutely not, but it did provide insight as to other fields I could work in or other options, had I been in the earlier stages of my education, that I could’ve pursued.

The MyMajors questionnaire provides these other options through a break down of the questions it asks. The breakdown begins with a course matrix that has four categories that your questions fall into. The categories are Low Interest, High Grades; High Interest, High Grades; Low Interest, Low Grades; and High Interest, Low Grades.

From there the questionnaire breaks down into grades and enjoyment of certain courses. Then it moves into a person’s values and preferences such as “clear connection to a career” or how a person will “exercise your creativity.”

After the breakdown is complete the MyMajors program will analyze the information and offer the top ten majors it thinks is best suited to the person.

The person can then click on the choices, and he will be taken to the Tech webpage that corresponds to that major.

This allows someone to look more in-depth to the majors suggested.

My number one option was fine arts, but I will tell you now that I need much more practice before I could draw a stick figure, sing a song in tune or write a creative fiction story worth reading. Though that option isn’t a good fit for me now it was interesting to see the options offered and that the degree path I’m on now was in the top five.

To take the questionnaire, go online to We would love to hear your results and see if they matched your current degree. Send us a tweet @arkatechnews to let us know. In the tweet include your results, your major and what you thought of the questionnaire.

Amber Quaid
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