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‘The Heart Part 4’ is a series of heartfelt songs

Normally, I would do a review on an album or mixtape, but I wanted switch it up this time because it’s K. Dot season. If you’re a true hip-hop fan then you know exactly who Kendrick Lamar is, also known as K. Dot. If you’re not aware, he is a rapper from Compton, California that has been signed to Top Dawg Entertainment since 2009 and started rapping with rap collective “Black Hippy.”

Kendrick has released material solo and with “Black Hippy” through TDE. Whether it was an album or mixtape, his music has never disappointed me.

Except for that feature he did with Taylor Swift.


Recently Kendrick released “The Heart Part 4,” which is part four to a series of heartfelt songs all entitled “The Heart.” Each part since the first has been on selective projects but part four is the only one that has been released as a single, which also hints that his album is coming out very soon.

“The Heart Part 4” is my favorite part because he starts by saying something so simple in the sweetest way, and then it turns from a sampled mellow beat to a different sampled bass boosted instrumental. He comes in aggressively by saying he is the greatest rapper alive. This is also the same verse where he subliminally throws shots at another rapper, Big Sean. But what we don’t know is if what he says in the song is actually about him, even though Kendrick states some pretty direct references, neither camp has responded.

That’s not even the last thing that made me excited about the record. The beat changes again and gives off a paranormal vibe on the beat, which just has an 808 with keyboard leads, and he spits his heart out. He is definitely hip-hops savior. Kendrick Lamar’s verses are thought provoking, cinematic and he challenges other rappers to be better at their craft as well.

I rate the song a 10/10 not just because he is my favorite rapper but because he always comes out with material that solidifies why he is the best alive.