The Green Shoed Photographer displays Tech history and art

The Green Shoed Photographer presented her first art showing at the Norman Art Center on March 2.

Liz Chrisman, The Green Shoed Photographer, has been Tech’s official photographer since 2010. The nickname was coined as a means to make Chrisman more well-known and accepted on campus.

“Photography can be an invasive practice to some, and by establishing this nickname coinciding with promising, pleasing photographs, the campus community seemed to embrace me, and my shoes, and welcomed me to capture their images,” Chrisman said.

The show, Introspective Observation: Green Shoes in Print, is a collection of 22 of Chrisman’s favorite observations around the Tech campus.

“These 22 photographs are some that I’ve shot over the past nearly five years that I believe will stand the test of time in the history of our university as well as show the variety of image types I produce,” Chrisman said.

Chrisman said this show is different from other shows she has done.

“It’s more of a best of collection rather than a group of images that are related around one specific theme or idea,” Chrisman said.

Chrisman has been doing photography on a professional level for about 10 years. This will be her first show at Arkansas Tech; however, she has had a handful of other shows across the River Valley within the past few years.

“It tends to be a bit of a nail-biting experience until the day of the opening. Walking into a finished solo show is a pretty cool feeling and greeting and talking with attendees is really the part I enjoy the most.”

Although the opening reception and gallery talk with Chrisman was Monday, the show will be a come-and-go event and will run through March 16.

Amber Appleby
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