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The ‘Best Time of the Year’

Amber Quaid/The Arka Tech

Usually, the last couple months for a college student are some of the most stressful ones. You’re cramming in the last exams, projects, pushing for extra credit and studying for the upcoming finals. But all this stress doesn’t come without rewards. It only means one thing: it’s the best time of the year.

Halloween has come and gone and here comes Thanksgiving. Fall weather is upon us, the leaves are turning colors and Christmas is beginning to make its appearance.

What makes Thanksgiving such a great time? It’s the few times during the year when families come together and spend quality time with one another. Ashley Adams, an accounting major from Hector, enjoys this time of the year doing just that. She enjoys spending time with family but “without spending too much.”

There’s also the plethora of food that one can eat without feeling guilty. Adams’s favorite Thanksgiving meal is the ever-famous stuffing and turkey. There’s also the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, football is in full swing, don’t forget the leftovers, being thankful, especially for those days of Thanksgiving break and most of all, Christmas is almost here.

It’s time to bring out your Christmas decorations, put your tree up, listen to Christmas music, 25 Days of Christmas is premiering on ABC Family, Christmas presents, holiday shopping, Santa and everything festive.

For college students, some are graduating in the fall and starting the rest of their lives while others are on Christmas break. The stress of exams, projects and homework are a thing of the past. Now it’s time to spend quality time with family, eat more food and get into the Christmas cheer.

Celebrate! It’s the best time of the year. Reward yourself! You made it past one more semester. Kick your feet up, unwind, enjoy yourself and drink a mug of hot chocolate. The school year is halfway over.

Have a Happy Holiday and a Happy New Year!