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The anti-hero movie

“With great power comes great irresponsibility”

Viewer beware. As an R-rated movie, “Deadpool” is a foul-mouthed, sexual, butt-kicking machine!

“He is a mercenary, fourth-wall shattering figure, more interested in landing the perfect put down than he is in saving the world,” stated a recent review from At the top of my epic, comic-related movies to see in 2016, I was not disappointed – from the perfect choice in music, to the witty banter, to the humor in even the most devastating moments.

Making his directing debut, Tim Miller used his past experience in visual effects to bring “Deadpool” to life. The irreverent comic starring Ryan Reynolds, who occasionally pokes fun at his real life persona and previous characters such as The Green Lantern, teams up with comedic relief, TJ Miller, who is probably best known in his role of eccentric Lucas Flannery in “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” to create the clever, anti-dream team. Earning a whopping $135 million during the opening weekend, “Deadpool” has saved R-rated comic book movies.

A self-aware character, Mr. Pool often includes the audience in his dangerous antics while explaining how he got himself into such situations. With raunchy humor and an appetite for vengeance, Mr. Pool won the hearts of fans. Wade Wilson is faced with life changing news as he learns he has late stage cancer. Undergoing experimental treatment he is transformed, he then becomes Deadpool and vows to seek revenge for those who disfigured him.

Reynolds spent, “11 years debating whether to make the irreverent movie, since it’s one of the rare Marvel comic book movies to be rated R,” the Hollywood Reporter recounted. Mr. Pool is a different type of vigilante. With sights set high on seeking revenge, Deadpool is not your typical hero. Most superhero films are based around saving the planet from any and every possible threat. Mr. Pool, once “the hottest man alive,” is fixated on fixing his physical appearance and hunting down those who disfigured him, and of course, saving his girlfriend when she is taken hostage.

“Deadpool” kept me on the edge of my seat while fighting back tears and laughing at the lewd humor throughout the entirety of the film. That being said, after a second viewing I was somewhat appalled that someone would bring young children to an R-rated movie. “Deadpool” is one of the few comic-based movies that has such a high rating for violence, nudity and language. Mr. Pool uses the f-bomb and other derogative words like most people would use “the” and “lol.”

I highly recommend this film. However, if you have children please don’t bring them.