The Arka Tech

The 5-day personal positivity challenge Let go of the negative to make room for the positive.

I went five days without complaining and not once did I think this was going to be easy.

Almost immediately, once I announced that I was going to take on the challenge of not complaining about anything for a week, I was quickly reminded rather fast that doing this is going to be anything but easy. Even if you consider yourself a positive person by nature. I was reminded that as humans, there will always be something to complain about.

Little did I realize, when I thought I was a relatively positive person, I’m a natural complainer when I have nothing to complain about. At the beginning of the week, I went into this challenge with the sweet innocence and naivety that I was probably the most positive person that I knew. After all, I already had the quote “Don’t use your energy on worry. Use it to believe and find a way” already written down on my marker board.

Oh, how naïve was I.

At the beginning of the week, once it started setting in what I just committed myself to, I started to dread the week ahead. I stopped and thought to myself, “There could not have been a worse time to decide to do this.” After all, I’m a college student who is currently going through my roughest semester. Why did I decide to do this? After thinking about it, it hit me that maybe because of all of this, there was no better time to do this. And I was right.

Monday, just a couple hours after assigning myself the task of not complaining for a week, I hadn’t even realized that I was complaining. “I’m so tired” or “I’m so hungry” are usually my go-to complaints. I complained about a dozen times before I realized what I was doing. I realized in that moment, that since I hadn’t caught onto what I was doing that I’ve spent so much time complaining about small, mundane things that it had become a part of my life without my knowing it. It was like a smack to the face:;I needed to reevaluate how the rest of my week was going to do be like if I wanted to proudly proclaim “I did it!” come Friday.

Five days later and my No Complaining challenge turned into a Positivity Challenge instead. The result: this week had become one of the calmest weeks I’ve had since my senior year of college started. My week was best summed up by a quote by Joyce Meyer: “You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.”

Why is it important to live a positive life? The better question is: why would you want to live anything but a positive life? When you have a positive outlook on life, your entire attitude changes and you can feel better about yourself. Both mentally and physically. You can see a change in the relationships with the people around you, you have more energy, and your positive thoughts can greatly reflect on your health. Being positive gives you a boost of energy, more courage, and a healthier and happier self-esteem. You simply love life when you choose positivity over negativity.