Textbook Brokers versus Arkansas Tech Bookstore

At Arkansas Tech, there are two popular locations to get textbooks for classes: Textbook Brokers, located on North Arkansas Avenue, and the on-campus bookstore.

Being a senior at Arkansas Tech, I have purchased books from both stores several times and each store has its pros and cons.

The bookstore is directly located on campus and is within walking distance for on-campus students. They are really good about providing all of the correct materials, and you can order your textbooks then have them charged to your student account.

However, there are times when I have ordered my textbooks and the bookstore has not been able to process my request because my refund check for the semester had not yet been processed.

This is a struggle for me because when this happens, I have to cancel my order with any discounts that I would have gotten for ordering them early, then I would have to pay full price for my books, which for a college student can be very expensive.

Textbook Brokers has a few more pros then the bookstore. However, the cons are far greater. Textbook Brokers offers a deferred payment plan that allows a student to order books, pick them up and not have to pay anything until a week or two after classes begin.

This gives students time to receive their refund check from loans and/or scholarships and pay for books later, but have them on the first day. Although this is something Textbook Brokers has over the bookstore, they fall behind in the area of customer satisfaction and efficiency with their products.

This semester, I ordered books from Textbook Brokers. One of the books I ordered was Adobe Photoshop CC: Classroom in a Book. I ordered this book new and not only was it replaced with a used copy, but it was also without the access code, which I needed to do any of the work in the course. They still charged me the cost of the new book.

It was three full weeks before I received the access code for the book and a reimbursement of the difference between a new copy of the book and a used copy.

Overall, I believe the on-campus book store is a better choice between the two. The bookstore has always completed my orders efficiently with all supplies that I needed and they have always treated me with respect and given excellent customer service.