Ted Talk: Why be an intersectional feminist

Christina Julme will be speaking at a TedTalk‑“Women = All Women: Why we should all be intersectional feminists.”

Christina Julme, a graduate student at Arkansas Tech University, will be speaking at a TedTalk presentation on Friday, March 10 from 3-4 p.m. in Doc Bryan 242.

The presentation is entitled “Women = All Women: Why we should all be intersectional feminists,” and will focus on broadening the horizon of mainstream feminism.

Kara Johnson, coordinator of leadership and service at Tech, said Julme’s goal is to “talk about issues facing women of color, LGBT women, race, class, sexual orientation, all those things.”

Julme will be the only speaker but will use clips from another TedTalk to demonstrate her points. She will be taking questions throughout the evening for those who have specific comments, concerns or topics they wish to have discussed.

Johnson hopes students will “come to it with an open mind, just ready to learn more about how feminist issues are geared toward everybody, not just white women or women in particular.”

She also hopes students who may be hesitant to attend or are concerned about the topics being covered will attend anyway and learn more about intersectional feminism.

“Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. I think it’s really important to keep your mind open,” Johnson said. “Y’know, you’re going to college, this is kind of the time for you to expand your thoughts on things, so why not go and learn some things and have a great time?”

The event will be open to all students who wish to attend.

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