Tech voting results released

The results are in.

Arkansas Tech University’s History and Political Science Department hosted an Arkansas primary election and both of Tech’s straw polls. Now that they’re over, it’s time to look at how Tech voted when compared to the rest of the state.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the winners in Arkansas; however, students, faculty and staff didn’t completely agree.

On the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders was the winner of both Tech straw polls.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump was the winner of the first straw poll, but Marco Rubio took first place in the second poll.

Dr. Michael Rogers, professor of political science, said he feels that Rubio’s win was due to previous voters switching sides.

A question in the second poll asked participants that voted in the first poll if they were choosing a different candidate, and if so, who they previously selected.

Trump, Ted Cruz and Ben Carson all lost five voters a piece. Jeb Bush and John Kasich lost two voters a piece, while Rubio lost no voters.

The current delegate count for the Republicans has Trump in a small lead with 329 votes. Cruz is not far behind with 231 votes. A candidate must reach 1,237 delegates for the republican nomination.

For the Democrats it’s much clearer, with Clinton taking a large lead over Sanders , 1,066 to 432. A candidate must reach 2,383 delegates for the Democratic nomination.

“She’s running away with it now,” Rogers said.

Even with the chances of winning the democratic nomination getting slimmer and slimmer, Sanders is still getting major attention from the media.

“As long as he’s not bankrupting himself, why would he get out?” Rogers said.