Two campus departments release statements following executive order

Two campus departments issued statements to their students following recent executive orders signed by President Trump restricting persons from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia from entering the country.

English Language Institute Statement

The recent White House Executive Order that established a temporary travel ban of several countries has created anxiety and uncertainty. While we try to understand the full scope of the executive order, please understand that it does not affect you or your current studies here at Arkansas Tech.
The English Language Institute believes that our students will transform the face of the world so it is a kinder place for all of us and our future generations. We will continue to support you, our students, in helping you with your goals and with making the planet a place without fear, without prejudice, and without hate.
For those who are our students, and for those who are not our students, let us walk together, and let each of our hearts be the light in the darkness that will guide us to a better Earth.
If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our offices. We are here for you!

Brent Hogan
Coordinator, English Language Institute

International & Multicultural Student Services Office (IMSSO)

Dear International Students,

I realize that the recent White House Executive Orders related to immigration issues (the entry ban) have created confusion, uncertainty and fears among you. I share your concern, and empathize. While the IMSSO continues to monitor the situation, we have learned that the Executive Order relates to foreign nationals’ entry to the United States, but does not apply to your current status as international students on F or J visas. The entry ban does not direct the removal of F or J visa international students who are already in the US.
I would like to ask you to stay calm and confident, and continue to focus on your studies. I also would like you to know that the IMSSO remains committed to ensuring the success of Tech’s international students, and to international education on our campus. As always, please come by to the IMSSO if you have questions or concerns. We will work with you and for you to look for solutions.
I am glad that you are part of our Tech family, and that we work together to bring cultural diversity on our campus!

Yasushi Onodera
International and Multicultural Student Services