Tech staff forms senate organization

Arkansas Tech University has created a staff senate. The staff senate was an idea presented to staff members by Dr. Robin Bowen, who was inspired by other schools that had a staff senate implemented.

The main goal the staff senate hopes to achieve is to create a voice for staff members. There is currently a faculty senate and student senate, but there has never been one for staff. This gives staff an opportunity to voice any concerns they have and to pass them on to the executives.

The staff senate’s first order of business is to work on its constitution and bylaws. Members of the staff senate have explored models at other schools to see which is a best fit.

Its first meeting was an organizational one. Senators were nominated and voted on by their peers.
The meeting was Oct. 15, and it wants to maintain monthly meetings. The next meeting is Nov. 5.

Newly elected president of the staff senate, Brandi Collins said it is very much an honor to serve on the new board.

Collins encourages staff members to voice their concerns to their representatives in their area, which will help the concerns filter through correctly.

Staff senate members in Academic Affairs include Shawna Davis, Upward Bound; Courtney Mullen, graduate college; Julia Pope, College of Professional Studies; and Lindsey Riedmueller, Student Support Services.

Staff senate members in Administration and Finance include Brittany Flippo, payroll; and Margie Link, Student Accounts.

Staff senate members in Admissions and Registrar’s Office include Rhonda Fleming, Registrar’s Office (secretary); and Ryan Taylor, Admissions (reporter).

Staff senate members in Alumni, Athletics, Development and the President’s Office include Pam Cooper, Development.
Staff senate members in Auxiliary include Debra Howard, bookstore.

Staff senate members in Facilities management include Sandra Anderson; Danny Jones; Jeff Nichols; Roger Trusty; and Bettye Williamson (vice president).

Staff senate members in Student Services and University Relations include Brandi Collins, University Relations (president).
Staff senate members in Technology include Jeff Mumert and Kim Newman, Information Systems.

At-large representatives include Regina Burris, Development; and David Page and James Higgs, Facilities Management.