The Arka Tech

Tech football’s special fan

Alongside coaches and players, there is a special fan out on the field during Arkansas Tech football games.

Judie Dyer, the custodian for Hull, stands on the sideline during football games and takes pictures for her family. Miss Judie, as they call her, said the Wonder Boys are her family.

She’s been taking photos for the team for three years. After taking the photos, she prints them at Wal-Mart and hangs them in the locker room for the boys to take.

“I like my job; they bring me a lot of joy,” Miss Judie said with tears in her eyes.

Junior running back from Lufkin, Texas, JaMarcus Walker, like all of his teammates, is a fan of Miss Judie.

“I feel like Miss Judie is always giving, always giving, never expecting,” Walker said.

Miss Judie began her career at Tech nine years ago in housing cleaning residence halls. After one year in housing she spent one year cleaning classrooms and offices in the education buildings. When offered a job in athletics, she wasn’t sure how she would like it, but she’s been there ever since.

Junior defensive back DeVarius Rice from Pine Bluff said he loves Miss Judie.

“She’s so energetic,” he said. “She’s just always coming up to us just filling us with joy. When we have a bad practice or a bad game or something like that she comes up to us and fills us up with excitement. She’s always happy and she loves taking pictures of us.”

Out on the field, Miss Judie wears a button pinned to her shirt with a fun meter on it. If the pointer isn’t on the highest level of fun, the Wonder Boys want to know why, and they’ll move it for her.

She’ll tell you the button she wears now is the second button given to her because the first wore out. The buttons were given to her by the Director of Athletics and former head football coach Steven Mullins.

“She takes a tremendous amount of pride in what she does,” Mullins said. “Everybody knows how Judie cares for those guys, and she takes a personal pride in knowing them and being there when there is something they need.”

Miss Judie can be heard singing gospel songs and sometimes Kenny Chesney as she works. On her lunch breaks, she sits in her office and studies her bible.

She can also be found in the hallway outside the locker room after games where she gives each player a hug or high five. The sweat doesn’t seem to bother her at all.

“They are precious to me,” she said. “I think what an honor it is to be part of all that.”