Taylor Bennett steps out of his brother’s shadow


At 21 years old, with four years in the music game, Taylor Bennett has shown his ability to stand out as his own artist and not just as Chance the Rapper’s lookalike. Chance the Rapper is a GRAMMY award-winning artist and Taylor Bennett’s brother.

There are a lot of similarities between the two brothers, but Taylor took “Restoration of an American Idol” and made it his own by using EDM beats with summertime feels and piano-fused songs that complete his low octave vocals. On their track together, “Grown Up Fairytales,” you can hear the little differences between the two as Chance takes a higher pitch in his voice while Taylor’s vocals are much lower. All of this creates a great balance.

One of my favorite things about this project is that all of his songs sound like he used real instruments to record with. The intro, “The Kid’s Alright,” starts with a guitar and chorus sung by Mindless Behavior’s Princeton, and Taylor Bennett comes in rapping with a 32 bar verse. After that, Taylor slows it down to talk about a love he once had on “Roof Gone” which has another keyboard-fused sound and vocal lead. This is the only song he does with no features and seems to be an experimental track that ended up good enough to put on the mixtape.

Taylor grabbed quite a few people for this mixtape, like KYLE, STRO, from America’s Got Talent, Raury and the new face of Sprite, Lil Yachty, to add a different feel to the songs. On “Favorite Colors,” KYLE and Taylor are at each other’s level lyrically and that gives the song a gentle vibe. When “New York Nights” comes on, it sounds like something that plays on radio. It’s another keyboard-fused song that features STRO’s verse in the very beginning rapping about his accomplishments and the love of where he’s from which is the same thing Taylor does, but as a Chicago native he adds his own flair to the New York titled track.

My favorite song “Nobody Tell a Name” is an amazing track because of how it starts with just a simple pattern. I don’t know if it’s a sample or not, but it sounds amazing to my ears. This is probably the best song on the whole mixtape.

I give this project a 7.5 because this is just his second mixtape and he is still experimenting and trying to find his sound.