The Arka Tech

Takeout now available at the cafeteria

CLAUDIA HALL/THE ARKATECH: Emily and Lindsay Walters, senior vocal music majors from Harrison, enjoy using the new
takeout containers provided by the cafeteria.

Arkansas Tech University’s Chambers Cafeteria has introduced an eco-friendly way to purchase food: the to-go box.

For just $5 each semester, students can now purchase a sturdy green take-out container to fill with food from the cafeteria. Students can return the unwashed box for a new one each time they want another to-go lunch. Each box comes with a disposable cup and utensils.

Twins Emily and Lindsay Walters, vocal music education majors from Harrison, are pleased with the new cafeteria update.
“It’s one of my new favorite features of the cafeteria,” Lindsay said. “I can be in and out in less than three minutes. With my busy schedule, these green to-go boxes are keeping me alive.”

Many students on campus have been suggesting this update for more than a year. Although there have been to-go lunches of sandwiches, chips, dessert and a drink outside of the cafeteria, there has never been a way to take the cafeteria lunch.

“The to-go lunches have improved as well,” Emily said. “Anything that makes food more convenient is a plus.”

The new to-go boxes have been beneficial to many busy students across campus.