Take a tour of another country on ATU campus


The International and Multicultural Student Services Office hosts many events throughout the year, including: World on Wednesdays, International Game Night, International Food and Talent Expo and their annual Light the Night Festival coming up in April.

Their next event will be a 50-minute tour of a country, where student volunteers will give a tour of their home country. This includes customs, food, traditional dances and more. This will take place at noon on March 1, in the Doc Bryan Lecture Hall.

There are over 1 million international students nationwide and Arkansas Tech is currently home to 362 of those students, hailing from 35 different countries.

These numbers are down from recent years, “not just in our institution, but everywhere,” said Sabrina Anwar, International Student Services Specialist. This is likely due to the fact that it has become more difficult for students to acquire visas in recent years.

The process for obtaining a visa is extensive and costly. It all begins with getting accepted into a university, then consists of paperwork, interviews, fees and finally, approval. This visa allows students to remain in the country for 60 days after graduation; unless they have applied for Optional Practical Training.

Studying abroad can be an overwhelming process but beneficial to many students on different levels. College can be difficult for any student and to help make the transition a little easier for international students, Arkansas Tech offers several clubs and programs to help students feel at home in a new country.

For more information about the International and Multicultural Student Services Office can be found on the university’s webpage or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ ArkansasTechIMSSO/.