Takarabune, street dancing coming to ATU


A 400-year-old Japanese traditional dance, Awa Odori, is coming to the Arkansas Tech University campus on March 26. This dance will be preformed by the international creative dance company, Takarabune, as part of their U.S. tour at 6 p.m. in the Doc Bryan Lecture Hall.

Students will have a chance to dance along with Takarabune prior to the show and be a part of an international documentary video. The International and Multicultural Student Services Office is hosting this event and “asks students to wear Tech items” for the video to show support for the campus. To be in the video and campus march, students should show up at 4:30 p.m. in the lecture hall and pre-register online to help with the head count.

“It won’t be a long march,” said Yasushi Onodera, associate dean for International and Multicultural Student Services. “This will be the first time they are on this campus and we want to show great Tech hospitality.”

Akira Yonezawa is from Tokushi
ma, the birthplace of Awa Odori, where he founded Takarabune in 1995. Yonezawa grew up “surrounded by authentic Awa Odori” because his great-grandfather “played an important role in development and promotion of Awa Odori,” according to their website. The members of the dance company are “mostly in their teens and twenties, the majority of which have more than 10 years experience.”

“It’s skilled dance and music and the dynamic performance captivates the audience,” said Yonezawa via the website.

In Takarabune, all members are “dual-role experts trained both in dancing and musical accompaniment, unlike typical Awa Odori groups where members are divided into dancers and musical accompanists.” The dance company will showcase their talents on the Tech campus for the first time on March 26. For more information about Takarabune, go online to their website at http://en.takarabune.org/.

For more information on the IMSSO or to register to be in the video, go online to atu.edu/imsso. To register, go to activities and events and follow the link.

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