NFL Owners, players remain at stalemate

November 6, 2017 Ricci Logan 0

More and more controversies continue to surround the National Football League because of the National Anthem protests. Houston Texan owner Bob McNair made a bold statement during an owners-only session to discuss the protest issue. […]


We are all human

February 5, 2015 Ryan Smith 0

It’s an amazing aspect of the NFL to see the amount of emotion that is packed into one game. And New England corner Malcolm Butler got to experience both sides of the spectrum—what seemed to […]

No Picture

Editorial: Sitcom pokes at NFL faults

October 2, 2014 The Arka Tech 0

For many fans of the National Football League (NFL), the past two months have been hell on earth. On Sept. 24, however, many NFL supporters would have preferred a lava-based locale. Why that is, exactly, is because the universe itself […]


Domestic violence plagues the NFL

September 25, 2014 Ryan Smith 0

Domestic violence — the words evoke a cringe. In recent weeks, not only sports, national and global headlines have been laden with poignant references to those two words in relation first to Ray Rice and […]