Suns take tenth at invitational

April 5, 2018 Noah Delashaw 0

The Golden Suns will be taking part in the Central Region Spring Preview this Monday in Springfield, Missouri. It will last all day Monday and Tuesday as they compete against many teams within our region. […]


Wonder Boys offense explodes

April 5, 2018 Daniel Turner 0

The Wonder Boys’ offense totaled 41 runs in the three game conference series against East Central this past weekend, which is a school record for most runs scored in a three-game series at Tech Field. […]


Holi Festival Postponement

April 4, 2018 Ameil Brown 0

Due to poor weather, the annual Holi Festival hosted by International Student Services was postponed until Wednesday, April 4. The Holi Festival is a famous Indian Holiday celebrated in India and Nepal. It is known […]


Takarabune, street dancing coming to ATU

March 25, 2018 Amber Quaid 0

A 400-year-old Japanese traditional dance, Awa Odori, is coming to the Arkansas Tech University campus on March 26. This dance will be preformed by the international creative dance company, Takarabune, as part of their U.S. […]


Feminism versus Womanism

March 17, 2018 Hannah Butler 0

As a part of Women’s Week for 2018, Campus Life and the Department of Professional Studies teamed up to sponsor a presentation over “Feminism vs. Womanism: Examination of a Sisterhood.” Assistant Professor of Professional Studies, […]


SGA attends ‘Day at the Capitol’

March 16, 2018 Tiffini Jarvis 0

Arkansas Tech’s Student Government Association travelled to the Capitol to deliver their resolution in favor of the importance of higher education funding in Arkansas. The annual Day at the Capitol, an opportunity for students to […]