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Taco Villa: a good backup restaurant


From my understanding, Taco Villa is a local fan favorite. I have never been there before, and I was excited to finally get to go.

Jenn and I got here right at lunch rush, so my quick, go-to choice was supreme nachos. House recipe seasoned ground beef, peppers, olives, onions and lettuce were piled on top of tortilla chips and crammed into a small, foam to-go box.

We sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine under a pop-up umbrella. I smothered my nachos in salsa, and that coupled with onions and peppers, proceeded to light my mouth on fire. The 64 ounce to-go water cups helped that problem, though.

To be honest, I’m not left raving about my experience at Taco Villa. The nachos were easily something I could have made at home and there wasn’t much of an atmosphere, as we sat outside.

I would return to Taco Villa with company, but it wouldn’t be my first choice.



In Spanish, “villa” means “a small town or a village.” It seems that Taco Villa has taken the small town of Russellville. Since moving to Russellville in 2007, I have heard all about the greatness that is Taco Villa. It is Russellville’s go-to restaurant for fast food Tex-Mex.

Sierra and I arrived after noon on a Friday. Taco Villa was packed with a large line of people. The seating area inside was full and several people were even standing, all waiting for their food. It was hard to tell who had ordered and who hadn’t.

Being a resident of Russellville for nearly ten years now, I have eaten at Taco Villa quite a few times. I ordered my usual: the bean burrito dinner. At just over $5, this meal is very hefty. It includes a sizeable bean and cheese burrito, one beef hard shell taco, a small side salad with your choice of dressing, and a side of chips and refried beans topped in cheese. I always make two meals of this burrito dinner, making the price even more of a deal.

I typically douse most of my meal in their medium spicy salsa. The salsa is very runny but extremely flavorful. A meal from Taco Villa wouldn’t be the same without it. It seems others agree since they sell the salsa by the bottle.

While Taco Villa isn’t in my top five places to eat in Russellville, it is a great bargain and a step above corporate fast food chains like Taco Bell. I think its essence is in the love and loyalty that Russellville residents have for it. I even find myself needing my Taco Villa fix periodically.