Tackling the library

Installation of vending machines in the library and 24-hour access to the library are two of the many goals for the Student Government Association (SGA) this year.

There are four main goals for this semester but keeping the first floor open 24 hours and installing vending machines are the highest priorities. A Starbucks cart in the library has also been discussed.

In the past year, decorated caps for graduation have been approved, but SGA is working to get decorated gowns approved as well.

Though it has been disapproved, SGA is still pushing for midterm grades to be posted on OneTech for juniors and seniors.

Bethany Skaggs, newly appointed president of SGA, said their biggest goal is to “tackle the library issue.” Last semester, she was on the committee that helped get the library’s hours extended by one hour, but she has higher hopes for this semester.

“I know that it will take a lot longer than just one semester, but that’s something I really want to start working on,” Skaggs said.

Recently, SGA has been occupied with organizing events for Wonder Week, a spirit week leading up to the Gold Rush basketball game.

Now that Wonder Week is coming to a close, SGA is focusing on smaller events, helping other organizations and addressing student concerns.

Most of SGA’s funds goes toward funding other organizations for T-shirts and events.

“It’s kind of like SGA’s Wonder Week, and then we’re leasing out individual [events] to other groups,” said Zachary Schwartz, secretary of internal affairs.

Along with helping out around campus, Skaggs also plans to get the senate more involved in ideas and decisions.

Skaggs said SGA is always looking for feedback so it can better help the student body.

Students can get involved by filling out an application packet with SGA. There are elections held every fall and spring.

“If you want to get involved and you’re dedicated enough, then you’ll show us that you want to be on [senate] by signing up and hopefully you get approved for it,” Skaggs said.

For more information, contact Amy Pennington, faculty advisor, at apennington@atu.edu or Bethany Skaggs, president, at bskaggs@atu.edu.

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