Sumo’s, go for the sushi, atmosphere

DALE QUAID/THE ARKA TECH The Philly roll— smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado and the Two Kings roll—salmon, crab and cream cheese, rolled and deep fried then topped with three sauces.

I found my favorite place to eat sushi

Two Kings roll = 9.95;
Philly roll = 5.95;
Gyoza = 4.95;
Green tea = 1.95

Sumo is located on Weir road just behind Walmart. It serves Japanese style food, with a hibachi and sushi. From the outside Sumo doesn’t look like much. The inside, however, was very nice. The colored lighting recessed behind modern tiles gave the restaurant a chic and clean look.

I was greeted at the door and asked if I wanted to sit at a regular table or the hibachi grill. I was there solely for sushi, as it is my hands down favorite food, so I opted for a regular table. The chairs were nice, big and soft, definitely a place where you could sit for an hour or more if you were out with friends.

The waitress was with me almost right away and of course I was asked my drink order, normally I drink water when eating out, but today was different, I went with the hot green tea. No other beverage should be consumed with sushi, in my opinion, than green tea.

By the time my tea reached the table, I had time to look over the menu but had not picked anything yet; that is when my waitress let me know there was another “newer” sushi menu that she could bring. She brought back a laminated sheet of paper that outlined many new choices. I couldn’t even narrow down the first menu. She suggested a roll, which I took into account.

DALE QUAID/THE ARKA TECH The Philly roll— smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado and the Two Kings roll—salmon, crab and cream cheese, rolled and deep fried then topped with three sauces.

After looking over everything, I finally came to a decision: a Philly roll, a Two Kings roll and an order of my favorite appetizer, gyoza. The gyoza came out first, it was hot and nicely crispy. The sauce served with it was sweet, sour and garlicky with soy sauce as a base complemented the gyoza well.

Before I had finished half of the gyoza, my sushi rolls arrived at the table. I had ordered two because if they are a normal sized roll, which the Philly roll was, I can eat two. The Two Kings roll, which I got at the suggestion of the server, was about twice the size of a normal roll. First I tried the Philly roll, which contained smoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado. It tasted almost as expected, I say almost because I really wanted the smokiness of the salmon to come through more than it did. The roll was cold, which is odd because fresh sushi should be served at about 70 degrees; this led me to believe the rolls may be made ahead of time and sliced to order.

Next the Two Kings roll—salmon, crab and cream cheese, rolled and deep fried then topped with three sauces. I had to take two bites for each slice off this roll. It was great and all the flavors mixed well— my mouth was happy. I would dip the roll into the gyoza sauce, I had mixed in some wasabi for a little kick. I did finish my plates and was quite full afterwards, the Two Kings roll was a little hard to finish because of the richness of the roll, definitely something I would have to share if I ordered it again. I very much enjoyed Sumo, the servers were all very nice, the atmosphere was amazing and the food was better. I think I have found my new favorite place for sushi.

The sweet sauce saved my shrimp critique

Having developed a taste for Asian cuisine, I wanted to try Sumo Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar. I had visited before, but that was months ago, so a this was basically a reliving the experience.

Entering the large restaurant, I was welcomed quickly and requested dine-in, not Sumo’s famed hibachi grill. Seated in the dine-in area, my server introduced himself and handed me a menu. Looking over the menu, pricing was around $12-$20. I personally favor shrimp so I ordered the shrimp tempura and sweet sauce for $15.75.

Shrimp tempura served with tempura vegetables

Waiting on my order, I decided to look around and take in the atmosphere. Sumo had the standard welcoming feel an ideal restaurant should have, nothing too special. My server and two others were taking care of other customers and another server did check on me, which I appreciated. My server arrived with the shrimp tempura in about 10 minutes.He double checked to confirm my order was shrimp tempura. Something like this would make customers turn away, but I was glad my server not only checked my order, but confirmed it when it was delivered.

My first impression of the tempura was unimpressed. I expected my plate to be sizzling, but it was just warm enough. The fried shrimp and vegetables tasted underwhelming at first. The fried batter used over powered the flavor of the actual food. Eating them together, or trying to, was difficult to enjoyl however, the tempura was greatly enhanced by the sweet sauce. The sweet sauce pierced through the fried batter and improved the taste of the shrimp and vegetables. I will confirm the sweet sauce saved my critique of the shrimp tempura.

Overall, I enjoyed myself. A nice atmosphere and efficient servers makes the Sumo dine-in experience welcoming. The pricing is a tad expensive, but I’ll say it’s worth it. Honestly, I accepted my disappointment in the tempura, but there’s other entrees available. I could have had a better food experience, but it was okay. I would recommend Sumo’s for a group looking for good Japanese entrees.