Study lounge offers alternative spot, food allowed

As a yellow and orange sun sets and the sky slowly fades to black, a student leans with his head in his hands over a table full of books, stacks of looseleaf paper and mountains of handouts from teachers.

An audible rustling sound comes from the shuffling of his papers, and apart from the noise of the occasional cough or an automatic door slamming shut, there is only the residual sound of the faint music coming through his headphones.

It is at that same corner table in Ross Pendergraft Library that Taylor Turnage, a sophomore criminal justice major from Memphis, Tennessee, spends his nights quietly studying.

“I just need a space where I can break out and chill,” Turnage said. “It’s so quiet that I feel like I can’t sneeze without getting a look from people.”

The option for a study area that is less restrictive on noise and food is a necessity, Turnage said.

But now there is a new study lounge for students to use. The lounge, located in Doc Bryan, provides students with a place to study, have a snack and listen to light music. Brittney Smith, a graduate assistant for the department for diversity and inclusion, said that it is an environment that encourages a more laid back atmosphere for studying. The study lounge is aimed at providing under represented populations of the campus with a place to study.

“It’s just another place on campus where any student can feel comfortable studying without having to feel the pressure of that silence of the library,” Smith said.

The lounge normally hosts around 15-20 students on the nights that it is open, Smith said. The lounge is located in the upstairs area of Doc’s Place, and hosts study nights on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7 p.m.- midnight.