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Students admit to academic dishonesty

College tests are never easy, and students are often tempted to cheat.

But just how often do students cheat on exams or plagiarize a paper?

From a pool of 100 Arkansas Tech University students, 20 percent have cheated on a test once or twice since coming to college, and 15 percent have cheated on a test more than five times.

Most students who had cheated said they had only cheated on online tests.

“Online tests are supposed to be cheated on,” one student, who refused to tell his name, said.

Of the students who said they have never cheated said that tests in the classroom are hard to cheat on.

Another common thought was that if they got caught they could fail the class or even get kicked out of school.

From the same pool of 100 people, 10 percent have plagiarized or cheated on a paper once or twice, and 5 percent said they have done it more than five times.

Most students who said they had cheated or plagiarized said they had either written someone else’s paper for them or gotten someone to write their papers for them.

One student said, “Someone paid me 200 bucks to write three easy papers. I wasn’t going to pass that up.”

The students who had someone else write their papers for them said they did not write well and wanted to get a good grade, so they got someone else to write the paper for them.

Most students who said they had never plagiarized or cheated on a paper said they did not because they were afraid of getting caught.

“Most teachers use You can’t plagiarize,” said one student.

Other students said that writing came easily to them so there was no need to cheat.

All syllabi that are given to students have a policy about academic dishonesty, plagiarizing and cheating.

The syllabi state that if students have been caught plagiarizing or cheating, they will receive a zero for the assignment or paper and will possibly fail the course.
For that reason, most students do not cheat.

However, students said because of the pressure to get good grades that is put on students, they admitted it drives them to cheat.