Student representatives selected for president’s, alumni offices

Sierra Murphy/The Arka Tech

An organization that connects current Tech students with alumni of the university has chosen its members for the upcoming school year.

The Presidential Leadership Cabinet’s members serve as student representatives of the President’s Office and the Alumni Office. PLC’s main purpose on campus is to outreach to prospective and current students, as well as alumni and friends.

“Our organization bridges the gap between past Tech students, current Tech students, as well as well as people who are interested in learning about the Arkansas Tech campus,” Camille Jordan, graduate assistant of the Alumni Office, said. “I am glad we get to welcome new and returning members for the 2018-2019 school year.”

The organization works closely with Dr. Robin Bowen, president of the university, and the Alumni Office by working various events on campus. These events include: the Wonderboys’s football games, different banquets hosted by the campus, service projects like clothing and food drives, as well as graduations.

“PLC wants its members to be the physical presence of Tech students at the different events we work,” Jordan, who oversees the duties of PLC members, said. “We do the small things that make the big events on campus go well.”

The duties of the members in PLC are all volunteer based; the organization provides many opportunities for the students involved to get service hours. Jordan said since PLC works with alumni, the organization also creates possible networking opportunities for its members.

“PLC was one the first organizations I joined, and I instantly fell in love with it. It has improved so many of my networking and leadership skills,” Blake Hurley, a senior marketing and management major from Clarksville said.

Hurley, the organization’s current president, said being a part of PLC has allowed her to connect with Tech alumni in a way she never thought she would. She said she is grateful for this organization because it has allowed her to experience many of Tech’s traditions that make our university unique.

To become a member of PLC, students who are interested fill out an application followed by an interview process. The students are chosen to be a part of the organization every spring semester and officers are chosen after the interviews take place. Membership interviews have already taken place for this year, and the organization is currently in the process of choosing new officers.
Olivia Karnes, junior rehab science major from West Fork, said she believes everyone should try to become a part of PLC sometime in their college career.

“PLC gives students an amazing opportunity to become a leader. It is a great way to get involved on campus, and an awesome way to make networking connections with the people who left their legacy on campus so many years ago,” Karnes, who currently serves as director of outreach for PLC, said.