Student Government elects new representatives

Arkansas Tech students made their choices clear in the results of a recent election for new campus representatives.

Fall 2017 will welcome the beginning of terms for the recently elected Student Government Association executive board and senators. The senate consists of 21 newly elected members including campus-wide representatives and senators elected to represent the colleges in which their majors are affiliated.

Kaylee Lawrence, management and marketing major from Bauxite, was elected to serve on SGA. Lawrence will represent the entire student body in one of eight senator-at-large positions. Lawrence said she was ecstatic when she saw the election results and is excited to represent her classmates and peers.

All seven positions for the new Student Government Association executive board were also filled. Positions include the president, vice president and secretaries of SGA. Together they will advise senate members, coordinate events and serve at the interest of the student body.

Matthew Smith, agriculture business major from Hermitage, will begin his term as president of SGA. Smith served as vice president for the fall 2016 and spring 2017 semesters. Smith said he has some specific ideas in mind for campus development.

“I would like to see Doc Bryan become more of a student-focused area, and I look forward to continuing SGA’s involvement on campus,” Smith said.

Jayson Simmons, emergency management major from Little Rock, will assume his new role as vice president of SGA. Simmons served as the secretary of public relations during the fall 2016 and spring 2017 semesters. Simmons said he is eager to keep up the momentum from previous semesters.

A complete list of SGA election results can be found on

Student Government Association meetings take place every Wednesday at 12:15 p.m. in the Mary Ann Salmon Senate Room in Doc Bryan Hall. Meetings are open to students and faculty.