Student chosen for National Student Leadership Forum

Submitted Jayson Simmons, an emergency management major from Little Rock, has landed a nomination to attend the National Student Leadership Forum.

SGA member is the first student to attend a national forum at the capital city.

Jayson Simmons, an emergency management major from Little Rock, has made history for Arkansas Tech. His participation and involvement on and off campus landed him a nomination to attend the National Student Leadership Forum in Washington, D.C.

Serving as Vice President for SGA, a student worker for Student Services office, president for the Red Cross on campus, member of Presidental Leadership Cabinet and other smaller titles, Jayson has made his connections on campus.

In 2016, faculty of the Campus Life office nominated Simmons to attend the ASLF. The Arkansas Student Leadership Forum happens every fall in Little Rock. It pulls in student leaders around the state from different colleges, bringing them together to serve and meet important business people.

“We look at the leadership style of Jesus of Nazareth,” Simmons said. “It’s not necessarily a religious conference; we just take a step back from that and look at Jesus as a leader himself.”

From attending the 2016 ASLF, he had the opportunity to attend the 2017 forum and serve on the student advisory board. Being on the student advisory board, Simmons was able to attend the conference for free, help out behind the scenes, volunteer with service projects and meet other student leaders and state leaders. One state leader was Dav Caven, who is one of the people who help put on the National Prayer Breakfast every year.

Simmons was nominated by his small group leader at the 2016 ASLF to attend the 2017 national forum. After receiving an email confirming his nomination, he then filled out an application and was accepted to be one of the 250 students in the country to attend the National Student Leadership Forum.

“The National Forum was probably the best experiences of my life, especially in Leadership,” said Simmons.

The NSLF has the same purpose as the Arkansas forum. It brings students around the country to serve, grow in their leadership skills and make connections nationally.

“I am pretty proud to be the first student from Tech to go,” said Simmons. “I’m glad that I could go test out the water and bring back that experience. I hope they send more people in the future because it gave me such a great experience and obviously I want other leaders to experience that as well.”

Simmons’s registration fee was covered by SGA, and the Gold Cabinet sponsored his flights. It was his first time to tour the town and see all the different national monuments in Washington D.C. He hopes to attend the 2018 National Student Leadership Forum as a facilitator and is also trying to get an internship through the NSLF this summer in Washington D.C.