Student Art Sales

Artistic talent of all kinds can be found at the student art sales hosted by the Visual Arts Association.

Faculty and students of all majors are welcome to submit art to the sale if they speak with Lyn Brands, associate professor of graphic design and faculty advisor to the VAA, or the VAA president, Alicia Meuangmany. The work must fall under the realm of art.

Brands said that the VAA does get a portion of the proceeds; students or faculty who sell art will get 70 percent of the profit.

“Normally, it’s been faculty members and students and a few alumni; we’ve asked them if they wanted to or they asked if they could [sell],” Brands said. “The club gets 30 percent of whatever is sold, and that’s like our main fundraiser.”

The sales are also staffed by VAA members and volunteers. Brands said that, should a student have art in the sale or simply want to assist, he could volunteer for an hour and be partnered up with a VAA member who would help the student.

If students enjoy working with the VAA members on the sale, they are also welcomed to join the VAA. Dues are $5 a semester.

“Anybody can be a member in the club, you don’t have to be an art major,” Brands said. “You don’t have to be artistically inclined to join.”

Brands said the events that members participate in vary from year to year, depending on what the members are interested in doing.

“I like us to do new things; I like us to do more things,” Brands said. “I like the idea of us getting together and the camaraderie and all that. I think that’s important.”

Brands said that the fall art sale is planned for some time after Thanksgiving break, although the date has yet to be determined.

Brands can be contacted at and Meuangmany can be contacted at, or students can contact the VAA on theLink at

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