Stoby’s continues to be a great place

Mary Massirer/The Arka Tech

Great tacos, cozy atmosphere

There are lots of small restaurants in Russellville that are quite delightful and Stoby’s is one of them. It is tucked behind the railroad tracks and I had honestly never been there before because driving by, it doesn’t particularly stand out to me. I had heard about Stoby’s and decided to give it a try.

It is definitely a unique restaurant and it follows the theme of a railroad experience. It was previously a train depot as I learned from my waitress. From the moment I walked in, I was mesmerized by the creativity of the restaurant. There is a train that speeds around a track above the booths and tables. It carries a piece of pie as it runs down the track which is something Stoby’s is known for.

Mary Massirer/The Arka Tech
Mesquite tacos were of a good size with lettuce, tomato and tender chicken served with a mild sauce on a flour tortilla.

I instantly felt welcomed by the staff as I arrived and we were quickly seated. Looking through the menu, it was very hard to narrow down what I wanted. They had everything from burgers to salads to tacos. I started with an appetizer of chips and salsa and was left very satisfied. The salsa had the right amount of spice to it keep me wanting more without searing my mouth with heat.

I took a final look at the menu and decided on the mesquite tacos. I have always liked tacos and was hoping Stoby’s could continue this for me and I am always looking for the place to get the best tacos.

During the wait, I noticed the charming atmosphere it seemed to have. It is a small place but I think that it contributes to the family-like vibe of the restaurant. The staff seems very enjoyable as they interacted with each table, including our waitress. The wait was not very long, about 10-15 minutes.

I could smell the spices of the tacos from across the room. When it made its way to my table, steam was dancing off the tip of the tacos and it was served with even more chips and salsa. The tacos included lettuce, tomato, chicken and some type of mild spicy sauce.

As soon as I took my first bite, I knew I had made the right decision. The chicken had just the right amount of tenderness that made it easy to just slide into my mouth. The lettuce and tomatoes were the perfect addition to tame the spiciness. It was served on a flour tortilla and there were three good sized tacos.

The chips were not stale which I have experienced at other restaurants; however, they weren’t the best I had ever had but complemented the meal very well. It was a good 10 minutes of heaven as I savored every bite.

My whole meal was about $9 which considering what I got, it seemed like a very good price. I left a generous tip considering my server was very attentive to our table as I noticed she was with other tables. I even ordered online for dinner that night from Stoby’s and it was extremely easy to place my order and my food was ready promptly. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Stoby’s and would recommend it to anyone. It’s uniqueness and atmosphere draws people in and the food makes them keep wanting to come back.

‘To-die-for’ biscuits saves the lukewarm food

Stoby’s has been a local favorite for as long as my family has lived in Russellville. It’s known all around town as the place to get cheese dip. In fact, their cheese dip is pretty much famous around these parts. Though, my advice is to forgo the orange cheese dip and be a bit adventurous and get their white cheese dip. It’s a little bit spicy but a lot more appealing.

But, I digress. If I go early enough, the restaurant isn’t that busy, which is nice because if you’re looking for a quiet place to eat, Stoby’s isn’t the place to do that. It can get a bit noisy in the main dining area. Despite being a bit noisy, the main dining area of the restaurant is well lit, clean, homely and decorated with retro train décor, which just lends to the quirky atmosphere and aesthetic. It’s also always fun to watch the electric trains as they pass by overhead as well.

Shelby Arnold/The Arka Tech
Omelet, grits and a biscuit for under $10. The omelet wasn’t warm but the eggs were fluffy and the middle was filled with melted pepperjack cheese.

The wait staff were prompt and friendly. That’s the one really nice thing about Stoby’s. Many of the servers have been there for a very long time and they’re all very friendly and friendly with each other. It’s like a nice little close knit family when you walk into the restaurant which is always a very wonderful thing. It means that you’re going to get a friendly server and everybody likes a friendly server.

Once I sat down in the main dining area, I looked at the menu. I always get the Denver omelet. I’m not very adventurous but I do like to change up my sides and I decided that this time, I’d get the omelet, grits and the biscuit for the bread. Most of the big breakfast choices like the omelets and the breakfast burritos are decently priced between $6 and $9. The smaller choices like the cinnamon rolls are cheaper so perfect for little ones who don’t like to eat much. Recently, the prices have gone up but the total of our bill was still under $20 and that was with my mom.

They also have specials during the week for even cheaper affairs. Short stack day is on Tuesday and omelet day is Wednesday. The specials are usually a dollar or so cheaper than the actual plate prices.

I waited a little longer than usual to get my drink and for the order to be taken but the waitress was very kind. Once we ordered our drinks and our food, they were delivered to the table in a super prompt manner but Mom’s burrito wasn’t very warm in the middle and my omelet wasn’t very warm either. Past the food temperature being an issue, the food was fantastic. My eggs were fluffy. The pepper jack cheese in the middle of the omelet was gooey and absolutely delicious. The biscuits, oh, the biscuits, are the best things they have for breakfast. They’re huge and homemade and taste wonderful with Stoby’s homemade strawberry jam on top. Going to breakfast there for the biscuits alone is worth it.

Overall, Stoby’s is really up to par on the breakfast front. Their biscuits are to die for, their jam is delicious and their wait staff is very friendly. However, sometimes food warmth is a hit or miss kind of thing.