Congressman visits campus

Congressman Steve Womack. Courtesy
Congressman Steve Womack. Courtesy
Congressman Steve Womack made a visit to Arkansas Tech University Tuesday, Feb. 16.

The Arkansas third district representative was on campus to speak to Dr. Christopher Housenick’s American Government class.
A Russellville native, Womack earned his Bachelor’s degree from Tech in 1979.

Womack spoke to students about current issues and the way the U.S. Government runs before taking questions from those in attendance.

With Womack being up for re-election this year, he urged young voters to be engaged in the political process.

“The government has overspent and overpromised. The younger generation needs to be leaning forward because you’ll get the bill. I think you should have a say.”

Womack also urged voters to think for themselves.

“Don’t just turn on the TV, listen to what someone says and let that become your opinion.”

Womack was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2010. He will face Nathan LaFrance (Libertarian) for re-election in November.