The Arka Tech

Started from the bottom, now I’m here


Two years ago, I worked my first internship alongside Brandon D. Campbell, the owner and founder of Little Rock Fashion Week.  Throughout the whole experience, I learned not only a lot of work and business skills, but I also learned a lot of life lessons.  Once fashion week was over, I realized that not only had I made new friends and possible future contacts, but that in some form of the matter I had matured beyond my times.

Anyone who is looking for intern opportunities should definitely go for it just to gain experience and to really find out what is for you. Throughout this process I learned some major key things:

• Always remain humble.
• Networking is key.
• The industry I want to work in is definitely for me.
• Never burn your bridges
• Everyone has to start at the bottom, so doing the dirty work is a must.

I even enjoyed it so much that I even got invited back to work for next summer. Things have really been looking up for me throughout this whole process. Even though interning is a great key for getting your foot through the door, you must also remain focused on what the future holds.

I think that most of the time people get so focused on the interning process that they forget about the next steps in life of entering into the real world. Internships are a great asset to have, and I would encourage any and everyone to be a part of one.