Sports complex construction underway

BRIANNA DAVIS/THE ARKA TECH: The construction for the new Multi-Purpose Sports Complex is underway causing students with orange tags to find new places to park.

Behind the baseball field, a section of orange parking spots have been taped off for the construction of a new multi-purpose sports complex building.

“This will be a new facility to house the baseball team but will be an indoor practice field for baseball, softball, golf, tennis and football,” construction manager Galen Rounsaville said. “This will allow all of the teams to practice in times of bad or cold weather.”

This new construction has been in planning and design for approximately two years and is scheduled to take 14 months.

“This will allow for much better recruiting for baseball coach Dawson,” Rounsaville said. “It will help with all the teams to get in more practice days and will increase the athletic department to be more unified as a whole.”

The athletic teams will still be having indoor practices in Stroupe until this building is ready.

“I’m looking forward to having a new building and being able to use it, and it’s nice that it will be right by the baseball field,” Anthony Race, a wellness science major from Phoenix, said. “The athletic department will benefit because we will have a nicer facility and better equipment.”

Once this building is finished, the existing building, Stroupe, will be demolished.

“We will have the current building demolished, keeping building plaques and verbiage,” Rounsaville said. “This will be used in some way to preserve the historic qualities and establish memories of that facility.”

This new multi-purpose sports complex will be located on the existing orange parking lot behind the baseball field. Other options for orange parking close to M Street are in sections NN, Q and KK.