Solomon’s service hour initiative

Arkansas Tech University continues to grow, adding a 60,000 service hour initiative to its list of future goals.

“I just wanted to have a program in place that provides an avenue for this service to be recognized and counted as a whole,” said Kevin Solomon, associate dean of campus life, in an email. “The campus, community and state needs to be aware of all the great service that is occurring.”

Such service includes Campus Life hosting action days and food drives.

On-campus organizations have begun to participate in the service initiative as well.

“The athletic department has a long standing tradition of heavy involvement in the community,” Solomon said. “The Greek organizations alone will typically give over 8,000 hours of service per semester. Add in groups like Because We Can, Enactus, Alpha Phi Omega, African American Student Association, Society of Professional Journalist, Spirit Squads, Student Government Association and campus ministries—that is a ton of hours!”

From move-in day on Aug. 22 to Oct. 16, Tech students have logged 1,478 hours of service.

“theLINK also tells us the monetary impact it has in our community, as far as minimum wage and what that would take for an employee of an organization,” said Emily Bradley, coordinator of leadership and service. “And that is $32,525.90 of monetary impact.”

Any Tech student who volunteers within the River Valley is urged to log their service hours to not only reach the 60,000 hours goal, but to be recognized for giving back to the River Valley.

“It’s [all done] through theLink,” Bradley said. “I didn’t want the students to keep up with another system. To me, it was easier if we already have a system in place that we try to have our students use that can record those service hours.”

Those unfamiliar with how to log service hours are encouraged to visit the involvement tab of their theLink account.

“We [Campus Life] have handouts that go step by step of how to log your service hours on theLink,” Bradley said.

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